Wednesday, March 23, 2011

School update

In light of the things I said in my previous post.

One of the details I've been struggling with is my degree.

I was SO pissed when I called my school to find out why my other school transcript was still not posted.

They don't have it.


You mean the one that I went and picked up in person at one school, paid $20 for, then brought to the second school, IN PERSON to the registrar's office.

The one I saw them drop in the basket on the desk.

The one that at the very same time, C dropped his off with me. Which ended up in the system within a week.

So now, I have to take more time off work, drive to school 1, pay another $20, then drive to school 2 all over again.


You know what, maybe that school needs to hire me, because I would have done a much better job handling paperwork than these people did. That's the kind of star employee I am.

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