Friday, October 23, 2015

23 Weeks!

How far along: 23 weeks
Total weight gain: 12lbs
Maternity clothes: yep, some non-maternity shirts are fine though
Stretch marks: nothing new
Sleep: vivid dreams, some insomnia
Best moment of this week: Going to the pumpkin patch with Greyson!
Miss anything: not this week
Movement: Feeling her very regularly, now almost daily on the outside too
Food cravings: coffee and oatmeal (brown sugar and apple cinnamon)
Symptoms: Lots of hair falling out, skin is looking a tiny bit better, heartburn, I've also been way more emotional this pregnancy, like tearing up at the slightest thing, kind of annoying actually.
Have you started to show yet: yes I'm taking this question out for next week
Gender: Baby girl, Lorelei
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Starting on some house projects this weekend, it always feels good to get things done around the house, this week has also been pretty productive for things like that!

I just had an appointment a couple of days ago. I'm still on every 4 week appointments. My next appointment will be at 27 weeks and  I will do the one hour glucose testing at that time. I'm nervous about it because I feel more yucky this pregnancy (like fat) and I failed the 1 hour test last time and had to take the 3 hour test TWICE!

 I've been dealing with a lot more stress from non-pregnancy factors this time around. My job situation is extremely precarious. I just interviewed at a large company yesterday. I was super nervous because I look pretty pregnant now. I think it went well but who knows.

Also, Cameron's uncle who was battling Multiple Myloma cancer for the past two years passed away early morning yesterday. He was such a great guy and I feel bad for Cameron and everyone on that side of the family.

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