Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Baby

Ok, so today I came to the realization that I'm officially obsessed. What about? Babies. Yes there comes a point in every woman's life where she hears the ticking clock, feels the uterus twang, or something like that.

This happened for me about 5 months ago. And today, like I said, I'm admitting my addiction. I've joined a forum, chosen names, started temperature charting, peeing on sticks, and have decorated my future nursery in my head. They tell you when you get pregnant you'll have baby-brain. They never told me I'd have pre-baby-brain. Annoying. say the least.

I'm actually annoying myself. Thank god we've decided only to tell a few people about our ventures in to Trying to Conceive (TTC). Had we chosen to tell more than a few close family and friends, I'd have a reason to talk about it all the time.

I must admit, I'm very good at obsessing over things. Its one of my many gifts.

Each month I've been trying something new. I've even learned all the TTC lingo and acronyms, I'm starting to sound like a pro who's had 12 kids. For instance, I shouldn't call it "month" because technically it is your Lutal Phase, or cycle, each woman's cycle varies, some longer or shorter than a month. Because I'm sure you really care...

So anyway...

Cycle 1: Of course like the naive person I am, I 100% assumed that I would get knocked up this time. Nope. But seriously both my sister and sister-in-law got knocked up "while on birth control" the first "accident they had." Right.

Cycle 2: Oh, so apparently your supposed to have sex, like, the 14th day of your "cycle." Got it. Check.

Cycle 3: At this point I'm in SHOCK that I got my period. I've had two months of major research behind my belt, so within 10 minutes after I realizing that I'm not pregnant I'm leaving my local pharmacy $100 richer in fertility junk.

Cycle 4: Ovulation Predictor Kit. Good times. That was real clear. Negative, Negative, Positive, Negative, Positive, Positive. Screw it, lets just try 12 days in a row. Check.

Cycle 5: Here I am now. Ovulation Kit, Green tea, temperature charting, fancy graphs. 5 months...really... k....

Friday, April 9, 2010

All dressed up and nowhere to go....

Ok, not really. It is Friday night. I do have a glass of wine sitting next to me. But I'm definitely not dressed up. And, frankly, I don't feel like going anywhere.

Thought for the day: Why is it that I have a million things to do, most of which would make me very happy to accomplish, and I just can't seem to get off my lazy ass and do them?

I should do the the water is so hot and it smells.
I should start the laundry....but bleh I'd have to walk around gathering it all.
I should vacuum...again...that would involve walking.

So what do I do instead, sit on the couch in the dark drinking wine with my 3 cats and typing about how lazy I am. This definitely sounds like a compromise to me. I feel better. Not.

Second thought for the day: Why publish personal information on the internet that no one really cares about, not even me?

Answer: Because I can.