Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Months and 19 days how long it has been since I last posted here.

There are so many reasons why this is the case. Some are completely my fault, others are not.

Where to even start?

In chronological order I guess.

April 2013:

I never really did lose any weight, I actually gained like 20lbs in the past nearly 11 months.

I celebrated my 30th birthday. Yikes. And shit, in a couple of short months I'll be on to the next birthday already.

May 2013:

I have no idea?! I played some golf, and some other shit.

June 2013:

Start of summer? Warm things?

July 2013:

C's best friend, P, and a very close friend to many of us was diagnosed with Cancer.

August 2013:

Much of this time was spent working on getting ready to sell our house.

September 2013:

House on the market, house hunting for new house.

October 2013:

Sold house! Bought new house!

November 2013:

Fun Thanksgiving in Sea Ranch (not as fun as it should have been because we were missing a couple of very crucial people).

December 2013:

Cold things... sad things.

January 2014:

Life was turned upside down when P died on January 4th. There is such a long story to go with all of this, though it is not my story to tell. All I will say is the past 8-10 months or so have been some of the most difficult I've ever been through, and hope to not repeat anything like this anytime soon, or ever if possible. This pretty much explains my absence from this blog in a nutshell. It is not something I have felt comfortable writing about, yet it was pretty much all I could think about (and frankly, still do) which didn't leave much to add to this blog.

But I also miss writing in this ol' thang, so here I am.


I accidentally got pregnant again.