Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The receptionist called back. The appointment is set for Wed, December 29th! 2 weeks from today! I'm so curious what she is going to say or suggest. Hopefully something more than...keep on trying...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A step forward

I called my doctor today. It actually made me really nervous. I didn't even know what to say exactly. I ended up having to leave a message. But even doing that makes me feel a little better.

One more step in the right direction.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Turning Around

I'm happy with how things are working out this week. I'm feeling 50% better already.


1. Worked on a project that felt above my level. I created a 3 year strategy presentation for our department. I'm in trying-to-prove-myself mode at work, so its a little stressful. I submitted the presentation and received kudos. Sigh of relief.

2. Confirmation that my team is about to change dramatically (in a good way) FINALLY!

1. Keeping the house clean, sticking to my schedules!
2. C is helping, and it is such a big difference. Things are getting done!
3. Looking forward to a weekend of Christmas decorating, tree hunting, baking, and fancy cooking. All things for ME, things I want to do. nice :)

1. My sister is getting her shit together. I helped her at first and now she is taking action and doing everything on her own. (this is a long story for another day)
2. Things are calming down in general.

1. Finals next week then its done, sweet!

1. I have been maintaining my weight, and feel another loss coming on. I'm at 139, was 138 at the lowest a couple weeks ago. But seriously after Thanksgiving, a one pound gain is nothing!
2. I have been seeing friends. Something people take for granted. I was having serious friend with drawl. Thanks ladies :)

Obviously there are always slight set backs....

1. Another negative test month. Lame.
2. It's officially been one year since we started TTC. Can you imagine? What a long ass year. (I know some of you are definitely right there with me)
3. We decided not to take a break after all. I think I would regret it later. I'm superstitious. What if this is "the month."
4. I'm going to call the doctor this month, probably have an appointment in January.

Overall though, everything is working out better!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am a Giver

Dear Diary,

I feel like I have a million different hands grabbing at me.

Stretching me in all directions.

I'm stretched so thin that little holes are forming,like dough rolled out too far.

I wish I had more of myself to pass around.

I feel like no matter how much help, and all that I give its not enough. Or there are just too many things intertwining, all at the same time. There is always someone unhappy with what I am or am not contributing.

Part of my problem is that I'm a giver. I give and I give and I give until there is nothing else to give. I'm reaching that point frighteningly fast.

I wish I could pause the world and take a break.

What do you do when important people in your life all want your time, and each is upset that the other has it. Where is the time for me? How is there so little time?? Why are there so few hours in the day?? I work and work, give and give, and nothing gets accomplished.

I wonder if I ever even ask for anything? I must. Everyone does. Maybe not enough. I want to stand on my doorstep and scream, "Leave me ALONE!" Then walk inside and slam the door. Or turn off my phone, hide in my room, or something super dramatic like that.

But, no, I won't really do that.

Of course not. I am a giver. You'd think it would be easy to say no. But it's not. I wish it were easy. Like one of those totally callus and self centered people who doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone else. Maybe this is how they ended up that way. Too many holes in their dough.

All I want to do is make a quilt, or a cake, or work on a house that so much to ask? People tell me, find your time, make time. Followed up by..."oh by the you think you could..." Gee, thanks.

But then part of me thinks, I had time to write this super whinny blog post. I could have used this time to do something I really wanted to do.

I guess I just need an outlet sometimes. And, really, sometimes this is it.

The only one that I can count on.

The only outlet that doesn't get hurt feelings, or ask me to do things, or get mad at me when I can't or won't.

It doesn't give advice or pretend it's something it's not.

Thanks diary.