Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 8: Project Weight Loss

Not drinking has paid off!!!!!!

Current Stats
Weight: 156.5
Start: 161.5
Weekly Loss: -5
Total Loss:-5

The numbers look a little weird because I am back-dating to the Monday before my last post (which was on a Wednesday).

Anyway, I went a full 7 days with no booze then had a couple glasses and now plan to continue to the trend to keep this up!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 7: Project Weight Loss

I weighty decision:

I've had the craziest few weeks, party after party, after party, after party. 

Drinking NON-STOP. 

Since my last update my weight sky-rocketed up to 161.5 again. 


Technically I had still been working out regularly, and my clothes were fitting just fine (some even loose), so I'm actually thinking that I was replacing some fat with some muscle (thankfully).  And I also did new measurements and lost some inches.

In order to take control of some shit I have decided to cut out drinking (booze) for 2 weeks to see if that helps anything. Kind of detox to kick start some shit.

Started officially on Monday. 

Obviously this works well, I've lost 4lbs since Monday. FOUR! 

Current Stats:
Weight: 157.5
Start: 160
Goal: 130
Weekly loss: -1.5
Total loss: 2.5 

Start Waist: 34.5
Current Waist: 33 (-1.5)
Start Hip: 44
Current Hip: 43 (-1)
Start Thigh: 23
Current Thigh: 24.75 (+1.75) (think I may have measured wrong the first time)
Start Arm: 11.5
Current Arm: 11 (-0.5)
Start Chest: forgot to measure :(
Current Chest: 39 

So, overall, not too bad!

Besides, I'm under a new way of thinking, I'm trying to get STRONG not lose actual weight, the fat will eventually be replaced by muscle. I have read a lot the past couple weeks about this. And honestly, check out the measurements, that is great, so even though technically I had only lost a very small amount from the start of all of this, the measurements are proof that shit is going down!

Update: I'm happy to say that I'm starting week 3. Things have been going well so far. I am running a little more than I thought I could. I know it starts getting harder next week. So lets keep this shit moving!

Week 7 Goals: 
  1. No alcohol
  2. Start 20-30 minute interval workout daily
  3. Finish week 3 of 5K Runner
  4. Play tennis 2x