Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fa.... La La La La... La La... La... Laaaaaa....

Wow, I'm bad! I haven't posted in a month.

I guess I just haven't had anything really new or exciting to post!

I actually still don't have anything, but you know me, I can always fine something to go on and on about.

Let's see...whats new....hmmmm....

Work: still no new job, old job still sucks ass.

School: They lost my graduation application ::freak out:: then they found it

::sigh of relief::

Fertility: I am on my second real period, sweet! Next month is Cameron's birthday, it would be cool if I got pregnant. Not holding my breath. I'm enjoying NOT worrying about that shit.

::stress free sigh::

Weather: Awesome! Rainy, chilly, fabulous!

Busy-meter: off the chart!

I'll try to update later, I have a few events coming and will have some fun pictures in theory :)

p.s. as I'm typing this I hear someone's phone start ringing. They song is the Psycho big knife shower scene song. YIKES. Tis the season!