Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wisdom Teeth, and Why They Hate Me.

First I will start by saying I deeply apologize for not keeping up with some recent updates. I have not abandoned my weight loss check-in, I've just been preoccupied with other junk. I have also new news on the fertility front (met with doctor and financial consultant person). I will update that stuff later.

The most pressing matter (mentioned in post title) my wisdom teeth.

 (Look how deep that bottom tooth is, no-the-fuck-wonder)

It all started a few years ago. I got my top two wisdom teeth extracted. Other than a somewhat disturbing few minutes of tugging and pulling it was fine. Minimal pain, a few Advil and a few days later I was back to normal.

At the time I opted to skip doing all 4, because I'm a little whinny bitch.

Fast forward to a few short months ago. The pain started to return, almost daily, mainly on my bottom right wisdom tooth.  I was interviewing a lot at that point and decided I better wait until I either got a new job or decided to stay. I did end up with a new job, and have been here for a couple months.

 I decided it was time to make my move...

aka evict the teeth.

At this point they had been bothering me very regularly and I was not a happy camper.

I decided that, as an adult (which I struggle to be most times) I needed to call and schedule a time to get them out.

Two Fridays ago was the day. I went in, C in tow, like a big girl. I was knocked out (kind of half way) and the deed was done.

Before you read my daily dairy of terribleness let me say I actually wrote this DAYS ago, to about here and was in such bad pain I thought I was going to jab my hand through my computer screen...

Day 1: (friday)  LALALALlalalalLALA drugs and ice feel sooo nice :)

Day 2: (saturday) Advil and ice are my friends (so are steroids and antibiotics!)

Day 3: (sunday) doesn't feel very good... maybe it's because they said no more ice?

Day 4: (monday) Noooo. This is not good. 

Day 5: (tuesday, back to work) OMYYGOODNESS WTF is wrong with my FACE!??!

Day 6: (wednesday, stayed home from work) Up at 5am in PAIN OMG PAIN!!!! Call oral surgeon office at 8:31am, MUST. COME. IN. TODAY!!!!!!! (nothing exciting was learned)

Day 7: (thursday, work) FUCK YOU MOUTH. FUCK YOU SO MUCH. Why do you even exist?!?!??!?!?!?!

Day 8: (friday) Oral surgeon follow up appointment, basically said I was being a little bitch and that it is surgery and duh, it takes time to heal. The rest of the day was me trying really hard not to physically hurt myself to derail my mind from the mouth/head pain.

Day 9: (saturday) Ice pack: rediscovered. Thank you. (I thought I was taking less Advil starting this day, as it turns out I was taking 400mg over the recommended daily dose...oops)

Day 10: (sunday) ice glued to face all day. drinking also helps.

Day 11: (monday, work) OMG why does my left temple feel like it is going to implode!?!??! First day headache overshadowed toothy pain. (improvement?)

Day 12: (tuesday aka today) WoAH....? Day 1 of mild pain. MILD BITCHES!!! How does it go from intense to mild?! Maybe all the pain has killed nerves in my head???

And that is my story.