Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peeing on a Stick when I wrote a list of my future posts a few days ago I expected this post to be a lot different.

Recap: I had my fertility consult appointment scheduled for Friday, I was very eager to test this cycle because I wanted to know either way prior to the apt.

8dpo Monday, March 21:
went to the store bought 2 boxes of pregnancy tests, 6 tests total.
C says "just pee for fun"
I say "your nuts I'm only 8dpo! But...ok"
Outcome: BFN

9dpo Tuesday, March 22:BFN

10dpo Wednesday, March 23: BFN

11dpo Thursday, March 24, 5:30am: BF..ummmmm......what the hell is that?!

OMG I've gone INSANE!

I'm hallucinating!

But NO....there it was...

An EXTREMELY faint 2nd line!

Here are the pictures:

Picture 1 : the line before the 10 minute time limit..can you even see it?? Now you know why I thought I was delusional!

Picture 2: the line after 20 min (yes I know your not supposed to read it after 10 min)And actually when I post it here it looks more like a shadow.

12dpo Friday, March 25 - 14dpo Sunday, March 27 (yes I'm crazy):

needless to say I didn't go to my appointment Friday!

Instead I scheduled my first ultrasound appointment for April 15th!

EDD: 12/04/11

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

School update

In light of the things I said in my previous post.

One of the details I've been struggling with is my degree.

I was SO pissed when I called my school to find out why my other school transcript was still not posted.

They don't have it.


You mean the one that I went and picked up in person at one school, paid $20 for, then brought to the second school, IN PERSON to the registrar's office.

The one I saw them drop in the basket on the desk.

The one that at the very same time, C dropped his off with me. Which ended up in the system within a week.

So now, I have to take more time off work, drive to school 1, pay another $20, then drive to school 2 all over again.


You know what, maybe that school needs to hire me, because I would have done a much better job handling paperwork than these people did. That's the kind of star employee I am.

Why I might be out of a job very soon

I'll do two posts today, because my 3rd "Unlucky Me", which I was just about to post, didn't make sense without these two.


My company was planning for an IPO. We were going public, we had started gathering all of our documents to change the name and everything. This has been in the works for quite a while. It became serious a few months ago.

My prediction at the end of last year: When we go public, within 7 days we will be acquired.

Monday, March 7th: The day of our anticipated IPO, I come in to work to discover an email in my inbox from the execs, we've been acquired by a competitor. I much larger and competitor that does exactly what we do.

The first day I was all in high spirits, hahahaha I was right, I'm so smart. Ok that lasted a couple hours before I realized. hmmmmm....shit....I'm going to lose my job.

The deal is set to close sometime in the 3rd quarter. So sometime between June and September I will be out.

Granted, there is a chance the deal won't go through, or the other company wants to keep me, but both of those odds get slimmer each day. I'm down to a 10% chance or less.

I've already sent my resume to about 10 open postings. I've updated my LinkedIn account and am frantically trying to get my ducks in a row.

Raise...or lack there of:

My next moment of pause was this: WTF. WTF. WTF. So much for that raise/promotion I've been begging for over the past few YEARS!

I try to be positive. But I feel so undervalued. I am a smart person. I have a great personality. I have loyalty. All the things it takes to make a freakin awesome employee.

Its just that...well...... my company SUCKS.

They overvalue so many. And undervalue people that actually do the real work, while they sit back counting their stock options.

My solace: someday I WILL be higher than some of these people. And they will have to face me, and it will not be pretty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So much to little time

I haven't abandoned this! I just needed to say that. I have so much going on now and that has gone on that you may or may not find interesting. I just haven't had any time to keep up with putting it all down on paper...or the internet...

Upcoming posts (not necessarily in this order):

Fence: Completion!

Why I might be out of a job very soon

Peeing on a stick (and, no, I'm not pregnant)

Unlucky me: a pity party

My trip to San Diego - I'll include pictures!

School update

And with that I'll leave you with another sperm comic, I just love these :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Test Results

I got a call from my doctor that all of our tests came back normal. She wants us to come in for another consultation to talk about next steps.

My appointment is on the 25th.

I'm very curious what her ideas are for "next steps." I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blood Test

I got my CD3 blood work done yesterday, still waiting for results. Again, not sure what to expect. They were testing the for the following:

1. Hypothyroid
2. Estradiol
3. FSH
4. Prolactin

I'll update when I hear back!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cycle 15

Really... cycle 15....dude.

I really thought I could scare my body into working by threatening it with stealing blood and poking and prodding. No such luck.

Today I go in to get the SA kit and the request for my CD3 blood work, which will be tomorrow.

I guess this is good and bad.

Good because it is really great to feel like we're doing something pro-active about this situation.

Bad, well.... because it sucks that we got to this point at all.

Also, as my friend A said to me yesterday:

"I am not sure what we are hoping for..."

So true, it would be bad to have a big problem. But also frustrating to not have anything wrong. It sounds so weird. But I know if there is nothing wrong then we'll just be told to suck it up and keep trying.

Maybe just something small and easy to fix? Low sperm count, low hormones, something easy.

Who hopes they have a problem? It sounds almost sadistic. I'm probably cursing myself just writing this. They'll probably now say I have no eggs and C has no sperm.
Sigh... there is no winning.