Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peeing on a Stick when I wrote a list of my future posts a few days ago I expected this post to be a lot different.

Recap: I had my fertility consult appointment scheduled for Friday, I was very eager to test this cycle because I wanted to know either way prior to the apt.

8dpo Monday, March 21:
went to the store bought 2 boxes of pregnancy tests, 6 tests total.
C says "just pee for fun"
I say "your nuts I'm only 8dpo! But...ok"
Outcome: BFN

9dpo Tuesday, March 22:BFN

10dpo Wednesday, March 23: BFN

11dpo Thursday, March 24, 5:30am: BF..ummmmm......what the hell is that?!

OMG I've gone INSANE!

I'm hallucinating!

But NO....there it was...

An EXTREMELY faint 2nd line!

Here are the pictures:

Picture 1 : the line before the 10 minute time limit..can you even see it?? Now you know why I thought I was delusional!

Picture 2: the line after 20 min (yes I know your not supposed to read it after 10 min)And actually when I post it here it looks more like a shadow.

12dpo Friday, March 25 - 14dpo Sunday, March 27 (yes I'm crazy):

needless to say I didn't go to my appointment Friday!

Instead I scheduled my first ultrasound appointment for April 15th!

EDD: 12/04/11


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