Monday, July 30, 2012

:: slinks in quiet and unnoticed ::

I know it may seem that I have fallen off the face of my blog world. 

I am still here though. 

I start to write a post about once a week and just can't seem to finish anything.

A bunch has happened but I'm feeling uninspired, and kind of depressed.

So, I decided to give mid-year update on my goals, since that was mostly written anyway, lazy I know.....



(Old post for reference New Years Post)

1. Be more positive. - Working out OK...attempting not to be a whinny bitch ;)  I guess this is going ok. Kinda hard to judge.

2. Continue to try more new things.
- Booked trip to Europe: may or may not make it now (save explanation for a different post)
- Planning trip to Alaska
- Started hiking with C every weekend: umm didn't quite happen every weekend, BUT we do on occasion.
- Started playing tennis again (3x a week!!)
- Started golfing again
- Mountain biking

3. Get organized! - Still In Progress-- still working on this!

4. Finish my degree. Obviously I have been working on this most of the past year. I know what I have to do and I am going to finish this year. - Still In Progress DONE!!!!

5. Payoff all debt. And not to air dirty laundry, but I'm thinking of making a little "pay-off-o-meter" to post here for inspiration, aka, constant reminder.   - Still In Progress - based on same reason as why we may not be going to Europe this has been put on hold. :(

6. Have this baby. Update: Seeing IF specialist at OB practice on 08/08!

7. Sell our house.
- After a few discussions we decided that with all that is going on this year, it is not the best time to do this.

8. Buy a new house.
- Same reason as above.

New Goals

6. Lose weight.  Via weight watchers - I WILL post my weight weekly occasionally to hold myself accountable.
Current Weight: 166 Current weight - 159 (improvement!)
Goal #1: 145 by 06/23/12 (friend's wedding) Didn't happen HA!
Goal #2: 135 145 by 10/12/12 (Europe) (Halloween!)
Goal #3: 130 by 01/01/13
Goal #4: Maintain

7. Make my house a home. I'm tired of being jealous of other people's houses. I want to live in a comfortable, happy, stylin' environment. Because C and I pretty much decided to stay in our current house for at least another year or two, I want to make it a better place. -In progress!