Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You'll never guess....updates that are NOT depressing!


Aren't you glad you didn't give up on me!

Just when you thought I'd sunk to some all-time low of boredom and depressingness, I give you a fun update!

1. C and I tried a cooking class! I guess I should update this with recipes, I'll do that later. Either way, it was totally fun! Here is a picture:

How cool is that?! It even looks like a cooking show!

2. C and I went Kayaking for the first time! I was super nervous, but it turned out to be very fun and relaxing! I also realized I have no upper body strength. (If you continue you can read more about my lack of muscle, below)

This is C, action mode!

3. C, his Dad, and our neighbor P have almost completed the fence!! I have been bad about posting my usual step-by-step project progress pictures, but you can see here, that it is pretty sweet.

4. My knees feel better!!! Cheers to my body! Back to working out!

And Finally, last but not least:

5. I started my period.


Thank you body! It only took 4 freakin months!!!!!