Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hallway Project

Progress on the hallway:

Before Before:

Before (again with the painting skills):

Midway (demo):

Current (about 2 feet deeper now):


Check out the progress of our guest room! I will post more pictures when it is totally complete but it is such a HUGE difference already :) This will be used as a den/TV room until we turn it into a nursery at some point down the road.

When we moved in (long before):

(very white)

Someone left me alone with paint for a week (before):

(like I said...who left me alone! Those colors for that small room are AWFUL!)

During the worst parts:

(cameron's mom fixed the walls so they are flat)

(you can see the new drywall for the closet we built)

(this is after the walls have been smoothed and things are being primed)

Currently looking like this, almost done!:

(awesome new beadboard and Canary color! Also the picture rail is now in the right place, you can see how high it was in the first pictures)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The final missed milestone....EDD

And here it is....the would be due date...

The day I've been wondering about for the past 6 months.


it's not so bad.

I didn't know what to expect. Obviously I have moved on quite a bit. I was kind of in a grumpy mood most of the week, anticipating a drama filled day of emotional turmoil.

But no.

I'm ok.

Definitely ok.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year

First of all. So happy that 2010 is over. It seemed like it would be such a great year in the beginning, maybe just because it was an even number. Who knows... Either way. Looking forward to good things in 2011! Not sure what yet, but I just have a feeling this year will be better than the last :)

I haven't been doing a great job with blogging regularly, I'll try to work on that.

Next post: The project from last week :) Whenever I get my pictures loaded!

Doctor's Visit

So....I went to the doctor. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I can't say that I was super disappointed or excited about the outcome. I found the answer to one big question which was, (given that an average, healthy couple can take up to a year to get pregnant)did having a miscarriage restart my 1 year clock?

The answer, unfortunately, was yes.

My doctor tried to tell me that if we wanted any fertility testing done I would have to wait until August.

I said..."um....hell no!"

So she compromised with me, if I'm not pregnant by March we can start testing.

That is fair. Really its only 2 cycles, January and February. I'm about to start my period so December is out.

Looking forward either getting knocked up or going back to the doc by March :)