Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mid Week (3 part) Weight Update

This is kind of a random post, but for some reason really felt the need to say something...

Part 1:


I posted the recipe I found/created and would like to share that after day 1 of soup I decided it needed some hard core flavor enhancing. I went home stuck it back in the crock pot on HIGH for 3 hours and it seems to have cooked the lentils better. (from now on I will always cook them on the stove ahead of time) I also added the following:

Ass-load more Curry Powder (I guess it was maybe 2 tbps)
1 tbsp more Paprika
1 tbsp more Cumin
1 tsp more Cayenne
1 tsp Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder

(so basically anything I had within my reach I threw some in. Those are IN NO WAY exact measurements btw)

Part 2:


I meant to post this on Monday. C and I decided to take our measurements so that we had a starting off point and didn't have to try to guess it later.

Waist: 34.5
Hips: 44
Thighs: 23

Writing this out now I just realized I missed Bust measurements, I'll add that next week.

Part 3:

Weight loss update

Success!!!!!! I definitely feel like I am doing something right this week. I'm pretty sure I'm just losing a lot of water weight, and I'll wait until the actual check-in day to post a weight (in case it fluctuates and I feel like a sack of shit for jumping the gun.)

I seriously attribute this week to the soup and actually writing down what I'm eating. I'm really  noticing that the soup banishes those horrible hunger pains, but I know that I'm only eating 1 point.

Seeeeee  Proof!!!

This, my friend, kicks freakin ass.

That is all!

Except for this, because it is funny... I wish my fridge wasn't stainless steel so I could use magnets on it! HAHAHA!!


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